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2021 Spiritual Enrichment Retreat

Held at Blue Lake on October 8 and 9, 2021, thirty-nine ladies attended a 24-hour retreat full of fun, fellowship and worship. There were opportunities to take from seven Focus Groups over four sessions. Our speaker was Rev. Jean Tippit who is the current District Superintendent for Marianna-Panama City and Pensacola districts. Conference officers were elected for the 2022 term.

vp wrona.jpeg
speaker jean tibbit.jpeg
song leader elizabeth bell.jpeg
worship in chapel.jpeg
2022 new officers.jpeg
mother-daughter katy and sara wrona.jpeg
worship 3.jpeg
induction of officers cathy givan.jpeg
Focus Group 1.jpeg
fg 5.jpeg
fg 4.jpeg
fg con prayer 3.jpeg
fg con prayer 2.jpeg
speaker 2.jpeg

All photo are by Laurel Akin

fg ess oils leader debbie bracewell.jpeg
fg oil.jpeg
Focus Group 2.jpeg
prayer room.jpeg
prayer room 5.jpeg
prayer room 3.jpeg
prayer room 4.jpeg
prayer room 2.jpeg
worship 2.jpeg
pensacola ladies.jpeg
mtg-prattville with west pa.jpeg
2021 Covid check.jpeg
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