The 2020 Virtual Spiritual Enrichment

The 2020 Virtual SER registration is over, but you can still watch the videos by clicking on this link. You just will not be counted in the attendance record for your district.
It includes several videos. Watch 1st the Introduction & Overview. Then Devotion, then SER Worship, 1 Worship 2, and then the Focus Group. 
If you wish to participate in the SER survey to help us improve, click on this link: 

Mission Team 2020








Debbie Bell


Vice President

Katy Wrona



Cathy Givan



Jean Creswell



Michele Smith


Mission Coordinators:

Spiritual Growth

Tutti Johnson


Education & Interpretation

Joyce Genz


Membership Nurture &

Kristine Jones


Social Action

Ora Gillespie



Peggy Cunningham, Chair
Nettie Lang
Desiree Clarke

Zan Jones

Shirley Hodges


David Graves




Jean Creswell

Racial Justice

Zan Jones

Dean, Mission u

Laurel Akin





Anne Capps

Reading Program 

For the first time, the Reading Program will span two years instead of one. The purpose of the Reading Program is to better understand and participate in God's mission today, to increase sensitivity to all human beings, to explore contemporary issues, and to enhance and act on self-knowledge. Titles read from the 2017 list will be credited through December 31, 2022. Click here.


Revised reports 10-11-2020 to include Where appropriate, virtual participation qualifies for completion of a criteria item.

2020 AWF-UMW Workbook                PDF
2020 Local Unit Forms               PDF     EXCEL
2020 District Forms                     PDF     EXCEL

2020 District Treasurer Workbook         EXCEL

2020 Conference Forms                         EXCEL

Alabama West Florida Conference

Standing Rules and Policies ( Revised 7/2020)

2020 AWF-UMW Calendar (PDF)

All local reports & funds are due to the District by 11/30/2020

All District Reports & funds due to Conference by 12/10/2020 

All Conference news due to Communications by 11/10/2020


The 2020 Elections results are in. 

These officers will start their duty 1/1/2021

The next term  (2021-2022) officers and committee members are:

Debbie Bracewell-President

Debbie Bell-Secretary

Joyce Genz-Education & Interpretation coordinator (E&I)

Ora Gillespie-Social Action coordinator (SA) 

Peggy Cunningham-Committee on Nominations Chair 

Clara Ester-Committee on Nominations Class member; 

We also recognize our next members of the Charter for Racial Justice - Cathy Givan & Beth Arp.

We want to thank the Committee on Nominations for their tireless efforts to seek out these officers to complete our AWF-UMW conference Executive Mission Team.

Also, we would like to thank our outgoing conference officers who were recognized with Special Mission Recognition pins.

Debbie Bell, Conference President 2016-2020 (Diamond pin & $540 donation  in her honor to our Pledge,

Cathy Givan, Conference Secretary 2016-2020 (Gold Pin),

Michele Smith, Conference Communications 2018-2020 (Gold Pin), and

Zan Jones, Social Action 2013-2016 & Nominations 2017-2020 (Sapphire Pin).



 Deadline March 30, 2021

All local UMW units in the Alabama West Florida Conference should complete the 2020 Census online.

Instructions (click here)

The Alabama-West Florida Conference United Methodist Women Directory 2020 is available to those persons named in the directory. Click HERE to request the directory be sent to you as a

PDF attachment to an e-mail.
If clicking above does not open your default e-mail program, send an e-mail to

Contact / Information

2020 AWF-UMW Directory

AWF UMW 2020 Pledge to Mission

Your mission dollars are needed now. Women, children and youth are counting on us.

FUNDING OUR MISSION - OUR PLEDGE....United Methodist Women members prayerfully make pledges to their local organization. Their Mission Giving contributes to local mission, spiritual formation, programs for membership development and outreach in the community. The pledge journeys from the LOCAL to the DISTRICT and then to the CONFERENCE United Methodist Women. The pledged amount designated for mission is sent to the national body and budgeted for ministries with women, children and youth in the United States and all around the world. Women are involved in mission at each step of the way.

United Methodist Women mission giving is in compliance with The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church 2016, Paragraph 256, Section 5, Article 6.


Click HERE and read pages 72-97 THE HANDBOOK 2017-2020 - Funding the Mission

Awards will be presented at
Annual Day
(click here)
2019 Alice Lee Award Winner
 - Gerry Stiffler-
Bay Pines UMW District President
Former SEJ President and current UMW National Board member  Betty Helms and National President Shannon Priddy

Spiritual Enrichment Retreat 2019

October 11-13, 2019 
Blue Lake Camp - Andalusia, AL
Photo Credits - Sharon Hogan

2019 AWFC-UMW  in Review


Our Purpose

United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.